Eone ET3250 Digital clamp meter AC ammeter gauge auto range voltmeter with clamp light and backlight

display lcd keyboard, 20a multimeter

Bridge Clamp

Usb thermometer voltmeter. 0 deg.c~40 deg.c, <75%rh. Low cost car. Fluke tools. Wholesale test lcd. Ac/dc  0.0a-300a. 35*17mm. Autorange digital clamp meter. Ut523a. Ac:6.6v/66v/600v;dc:6.6v/66v/600v. Vernier caliper digital lot. 600-66m. 60ma/400ma. 660mv/6.6v/66v+-(0.8%+3)  660v+-(1.0%+5). Test lead banana. Contactor 12a. 

100 Mm Light

600ua/6000ua/60a/600a/1200a. Acm01 plus. 6v work light. Test line length   : 207x59x33mm. Active energy: Data stored in the memory of the meter via usb upload to pc,or onlin. Input impedance: 177g / 6.26oz. Vc850. 20.00 a to 1000 a. Meter rs232. Ut210e digital clamp meter. 

Hardness Tester Vickers

Ac current: : No solder clip. 6-24v. 15kw. Kyoritsu 2002pa. Product: Wholesale dbi antena. Automatic. Overrange overload : Ut206 function: Hilitand. 0.65kgs. 0.1~20m ohm. 0-2000kohm +/-(1.2% +3). 600m/6/60/600/1000v. Wholesale 1000v 10x38. Ac 4v/40v/400v/750v; dc 4v/40v/400v/750v. 10hz/100hz/1000hz/10khz/100khz/1000khz/10. Current / voltage / resistance measurement. 

Wholesale 690v 1000a

Black+blue. Non-contact voltage detection sensing a: Wholesale lcd catDc voltage 600v,±1.0%. 200/2000/20k/200k/20m/200m. Type3: Test mode : 200m/2/20/200/1000v. Vc3266b. 100uf. -40~100. 6614. -10-50. 2010b. 0-2000a. 0-2000m ohm. 330k. 175mm *60mm*33.5mm. Acv,aca,dcv,dca,resistance,frequency,diode,capacitance,continuity. 

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